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The Beef and Chicken Meat Specialist

EastMeat supplies limited is a leading specialist in pure indigenous chicken and beef meat processing  company in the Republic of Kenya. The company was founded in November 2015.  This scale and specialization facilitates a customer-focused, cost efficient quality beef and pure indigenous chicken product with the customer proposition “big enough to deliver, small enough to care

At EastMeat Supplies Limited we are passionate about free range chicken and beef meat supply. From farm to plate, we invest  in the standards, processes, training, and product development and delivery methods necessary to meet our objective- to be the best at what we do.

While we are proud of the fact that we are the leading indigenous chicken distributors in Kenya, of equal importance to us is the fact that we have retained the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has been our trademark for the last three years. During this time, we have developed a specialized business model to enable us to deliver consistent product freshness, quality, tenderness and year round availability.

Marketing Philosophy

Our marketing philosophy is based on working in close partnership with key customers in individual markets. This partnership approach promotes the sharing of information in an open and constructive way resulting in a more customer focused, cost effective delivery of product in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Close liason with our customer base has allowed us to streamline our business, removing unnecessary needs and market trends.

Total Quality Management System

Our committed professional management team is dedicated to best industry practice,ensuring a Total Quality Management approach to the running of our business. Together with our highly skilled specialist staff we deliver the highest standards in food safety, customer service and innovation- elements which have been fundamental to our success.

We source the majority of our indigenous chicken directly from farmers, ensuring a transparent link between producer, processor and end user. Farmers from Makueni, Kitui, Kiambu, Murang’a and Bungoma counties are recognized as being amongst the most advanced in terms of breeding, husbandry and production practices;providing a quality livestock supply base for our facilities in Nairobi and Kitale.

Our indigenous chicken is processed to the highest safety standards then packed for freshness. Our products undergo procedural health inspection and our quality and freshness is paramount.  Care and concern of the esteemed clientele.

Our growth strategy is based on the following;

  1. Market penetration  :We believe our products have the taste our customers are looking after. Easy to sell due to its demand.
  2. Market Expansion: Our products have the quality it takes to sell in different markets. Talk of displays in supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, schools etc. Our motive is to sell the products at affordable  prices to everyone.
  3. Product Expansion : We would like to ensure value addition on our products meet the taste of the clients.  We work towards making our clients happy.
  4.  Diversification: We would like our company benefit from geographical diversification..i.e…enlarging our range of products.

Our goal is to ensure beef farmers and indigenous chicken farmers are empowered in rearing quality meat products . Our major objective is to ensure at any given time, the company has adequate indigenous chicken and beef that can feed the country and to venture in exporting our products to oversees  markets.


EastMeat Supplies  has a committed professional management team dedicated to best industry practice , to ensure Total Quality Management approach to the running of the the company.

The following is the leadership of the company;

a. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman : Mr. Meshack Mwau Mulevu  ;                                              a. General manager: Mr Daniel Kiambi
Production Manager: Mr. Musyoki Kinyili
Procurement Manager : Mr Griffin Mulevu
d. Logistics : Mr Richard Kioko
Projects Manager  : Mr Geoffrey Kioko
Marketing Manager: Mr Upton Kasimu

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